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Automatic Barriers

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  • 13-03-2018
Automatic Barriers

What you need in an Automatic Barrier

 What you need in an Automatic Barrier. This works mechanically by using tailoring with helicoidal and angled teeth. The brushless magnet motor generates no rubbing or heat and could run continuously. 

The controller uses mosfet changes, not relays. Battery backup can be added, offering up to 1000 openings.

Security - The absolute encoder checks out 4800 pulses per change, and frequently checks the placement of the beam of light. If the light beam fulfils an obstacle, the unit will reverse without the need for extra devices.

Car Park Barrier

Why not capitalise on our fully customisable car park barrier.  You can choose from a series of colours or even include marketing on the arm.

The streamlined barrier range supplies an excellent value for money and excellent control of small car parks. The hand-operated obstacle and Guardian obstacles are held in supply to make certain fast and swift feedback. This parking barrier is developed for larger openings. It is easy in design and features to include automatic closing after a dead time and a slowdown on stop (soft stop).

Car Park Entry Barriers

The manual barrier is so one-of-a-kind. So you need not worry about getting your sizing incorrect as the arm could conveniently be reduced and stabilised on site.

Our barrier box collections include everything you have to have a car park entry barriers mounted. All this without the hassle and concern of sourcing different aspects from the various business.

Security Barriers

Car park obstacles are one of the most typical approaches to taking care of traffic circulation and parking in busy or delicate locations. We can define a top quality variety of parking Security Barriers. These will fit all sorts of applications, from personal to business including public carparks.

It is important to understand that auto parking barriers are largely created to regulate site traffic flow. i.e. in and out of a parking lot and not necessarily to provide security.