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Sliding Gates

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  • 21-03-2018
Sliding Gates

Wooden Automatic Sliding Driveway Gates

Wooden automatic sliding driveway gates are a useful service for a small parking lot. Our range of sliding wooden gates are manufactured to the greatest standards. With a touch of traditional design from skilled craftsmen. We can utilise traditional hand crafted building and construction methods. 

Our range includes a range of contemporary and traditional designs come in a selection of colours. This includes  Dark Oak, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Burma Teak, Jacobean Walnut, Dark Palisander, African Walnut and Ebony.

Gate Automation

The gate opener will be operated with a 'single hit' option.  This opens up when you press the remote control and shuts automatically after a brief preset hold-up enabling you time to proceed via the entry.

Are you seeking to mount or replace an electrical gate to your property?

With a brand-new gate, you can enhance the protection and personal privacy of your home or business. You also make it more attractive to a potential purchaser.

Electric Gate Systems

Sliding gate systems will have many similar aspects to swinging gates. A common system would be A solitary gate with wheels. This includes a single gate operator, tracking, a control panel for operating the gate. You will also make use of some remote controls and an intercom or numerical keypad.

Automatic Gates Suppliers

An uprated lower rail can make a strong rail at a low height. This is recessed to accept the gate track wheels. The stiles (each end of the gate) are made 4 inches bigger on each side so the create an overhang on each side but look like a normal gate from the front. We will work with you to make certain the right dimensions are used. We could also supply an illustration to ensure you obtain the best from your moving gates.

Wooden Electric Gates

There are numerous various products to select from however functioned iron and lumber are one of the most preferred. These are typically set up with a wireless crucial fob access system and an intercom for interacting with visitors at eviction.

We could provide plans for a site for your wooden sliding gates. Either we go to the site and doing a survey, or we could even help remotely by seeing pictures of the site and making our recommendations. Please note the site should be level for the Sliding Gates to operate properly so that some landscape design may be needed.